Trash Trailers
Pro 16

Our Pro 16 sturdy trash trailer units are built of heavy-duty, steel frame construction. Each unit is equipped with high-capacity brakes and axles.
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Emergency Shower

Our E-312 Emergency Shower features a shower, eye wash station, and drench hose that meets ANSI standards.
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Portable Restroom
MPJ Series

Our MPJ Series Portable Restroom is equipped with hand sanitizer, cleaned and sprayed with pesticides bi-weekly.
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Forza Porta Potty Services

Throughout West Texas and New Mexico we provide porta potty services for jobsites, industrial sites, and events. One of our more popular units contains a trash trailer with two portable toilets as one whole unit. Our porta potties are clean and bug free, well maintained, and designed for your comfort.

  • Equipped with hand-sanitizer
  • Sprayed with pesticide bi-weekly
  • Sanitized bi-weekly
  • Optional female-only restroom with separate lock
  • 43.5' width
  • 91'' height
  • 60-gallon holding tank
  • 19'' seat height
  • Non-splash urinal standard

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Forza Oilfield Services: Keeping Oilfield Workers Safe

When you want to get the most from your workers, count on Forza Oilfield Services to keep them safe and protected. We are a leader in the oilfield industry, providing state-of-the-art mobile facilities designed to keep your workers healthy and productive.

In the oilfield industry, workers spend long hours in the brutal elements like extreme heat, bitter cold, blistering sun, driving rain, snow, and wind. These workers are also exposed to fires and hazardous chemicals. Our safety trailers provide immediate relief from these conditions and elements.

Forza Oilfield Services provides only the best accommodations for West Texas oilfield workers: cool-down trailers, emergency shower and eye wash trailers, portable restrooms and living quarters – all designed to maximize worker safety and minimize injuries and exhaustion on the job. Worker safety is our top priority. We also offer portable restrooms, trash trailers, and portable restroom / trash trailer combos.